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ADS Beyond 300 Dental delivery system A0723002

ADS Beyond 300 Dental delivery system A0723002 Beyond OTP delivery system with PMU Standard features: Beyond luxury dentist's control : Part number: A0502550 3 auto H.P. control, 1 doctor syringe, Individual water coolant controls, master handpiece air coolant adjustment, Asepsis handpiece tubing, Handpiece flush system, Master on/off switch, Wet/Dry foot control, Stainless steel tray with non-slip pad, Flex arm air brake swtich UTILITY Beyond Post Mounted Utility (PMU) : Part number: A0730021 2 HVE, 1SE, 1 syringe on assistant's control, Silver side box with City / Bottled water system, water outlet and air QD, Solids collector, Swing assistant tray with touch pad, Aluminum base junction box with air/water filters, regulators, master shut-off valves, 6 internal umbilical Swing assitant tray with touchpad OPTIONS: A121532 HP Fiber optic system with 1 tubing (6 pin) A121533 HP Fiber optic system with 2 tubings (6 pin) A121440 Water bottle quick release A120501 ADS Monitor bracket A120401 Built in scaler A120301 Built in curing light A121915 Additional umbilical per foot A11202 Chair adapter for ADS chairs A120301 Chair adapter for Bel20,50 chairs

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