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Owandy I-Max 3D Wall Mount

Owandy I-Max 3D Wall Mount Warranty: 2 Years Characteristics Wall-mounted concept: freeing up the floor. The I-Max 3D is highly compact equipment that takes up zero floor space, so it will never get in your way! This makes it easy to position your patient properly. Sleek and stylish Weighing just 66kg, the I-Max 3D is the lightest 3D/2D panoramic unit on the market. Its sleek, slender design makes it an attractive and valuable asset for your surgery. Multi FoV 3D Cone Beam With its multi FoV system, the I-Max 3D can be adjusted to suit all your dental imaging needs, with formats from 9×9 to 5x5cm. Exceptional image quality Incorporating ALI-S (Automatic Layers Integration System), the unit directly and automatically selects the best sections in order to display – without any operator involvement – a perfect, high definition image. Optimum quality at the right price Brimming with technology, the I-Max 3D has been developed in such a way as to reduce manufacturing, transportation and installation costs as much as possible. The I-Max 3D currently offers the best balance between investment and performance. Surgical guide creation Harnessing the capabilities of the I-Max 3D and QuickVision 3D duo, you can now design surgical guides that are ready to print (impression tray scans, plaster models, radiological guides, implant placement simulation, etc.). 16 3D programs at your fingertips The I-Max 3D features numerous programs, which can be used for the full range of examinations your dental practice requires (child / adult): ■ Complete dental volume ■ Left / right TMJ ■ Sinus ■ Maxillary volume / Mandibular volume ■ Frontal maxillary ■ Left / right maxillary premolar ■ Left / right maxillary molar ■ Frontal mandibular ■ Left / right mandibular premolar ■ Left / right mandibular molar SPECIFICATION Class: Class II B / CE0051 Power supply: 110-120 V, 220-240 V at 50/60Hz Rated output voltage: 60 ÷ 80 kV, with 2 kV steps Anode current: 2 ÷ 12.5 mA, according to r20 scale SID (Source to Image Distance): 520mm Total weight (wall-mounted version): 66kg Inherent filtration: > 0.5 mm HF generator: Constant potential (DC) X-ray focus: 0.5mm EN 60336 Connection : LAN, Ethernet (with dedicated computer) Digital sensor: CMOS 144 x 118 mm Voxel resolution: 87 µm Mutli F.O.V From 9x9 to 5x5 cm Exposure time : From 3.20 to 14.4 (2D exams) / From 10.8 to 11.2 (3D exams) Enlargement: From 1.25 to 1.28 Option Column-mounted version SEE IMAGES SHIPPING IS NOT INCLUDED

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