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PHS CHIROPRACTIC ESSENTIAL WOOD TREATMENT TABLE Meet the specific needs of your practice with the many options available with the Essential Wood Treatment Table. Each table comes standard with a poplar hardwood frame, H-brace construction, comfortable 2” high density foam cushion, softly rounded corners and dual-bolted folding leg assembly for easy shipping. Make it your own by adding length, width, shelves or a cabinet that can be mounted on either end. Other options available include patient-friendly customizations consisting of a nose hole cushion and a 70º manual lift back with 6 position elevation. Specifications: Sizes Available: FEWT-2772 - 27"W x 72"L-Flat Cushion FEWT-3072 - 30"W x 72"L-Flat Cushion FEWT-2778 - 27"W x 78"L-Flat Cushion FEWT-3078 - 30"W x 78"L-Flat Cushion TEWT-2772 - 27"W x 72"L-Lift Back Cushion TEWT-3072 - 30"W x 72"L-Lift Back Cushion TEWT-2778 - 27"W x 78"L-Lift Back Cushion TEWT-3078 - 30"W x 78"L-Lift Back Cushion Features: Load capacity: 500 lbs. Solid poplar hardwood frame H-brace construction 2" high density cushion Rounded corners Dual-bolted folding leg assembly for convenient shipping Options: Bottom Shelf (EWT Bottm Shelf) Shelf plus Open Cabinet (EWT Cabinet) Shelf, Cabinet, & (2) Drawers with Black Wire Pull Handles (EWT Drawers) Nose Hole in Cushion (NH) Custom Branding Options: Logo Slip Cover 27"W (available on lift back cushion only) (TIS 27 Cover/Logo) Logo Slip Cover 30"W (available on lift back cushion only) (TIS 30 Cover/Logo) Small Logo Decal (Decal Custom Small) Large Logo Decal (Decal Custom Large)

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