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SSCOR S-Scort III Portable Suction Unit 7400

SSCOR S-Scort III Portable Suction Unit Powerful, Rugged, Economical, Portable Suction The S-SCORT III provides all of the power and versatility necessary to quickly and effectively clear an airway. It accomplishes this in a light weight foam core package designed for the rigors of the most active EMS service. It is simple, rugged, powerful, quick and easy to use AND it is very economical both in the short and long term; low cost of purchase and inexpensive to maintain. The S-SCORT III is well suited for today's EMS environment!. FEATURES The S-SCORT III delivers >30 LPM clinical airflow and vacuum is regulated by a two position regulator, allowing the operator to choose between full power (>525mmHg) and reduced power (120mmHg +/- 15%) negative pressure. The device is powered by an internal sealed lead acid battery, which is maintained by an AC/DC charger or a DC power cord. The S-SCORT III is shipped “ready to use”, and the carrying case accommodates patient tubing, catheters and other supplies Dimensions: 8"H x 7"W x 11"L Weight: 7 pounds Chassis: Durable, lightweight foam housed in a fire retardant vinyl coated nylon carrying case. ORDER: #74000

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