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Tech West Large Facility Eco Dry-Vac Systems

Options: VPD20S5 40g 20 SINGLE MOTOR 10 HP 3 PHASE TECH WEST LARGE FACILITY ECO DRY-VAC SYSTEMS Tech West Large Facility EcoVac Vacuum Systems are on the leading edge of technology in design and performance. These high performance vacuum systems are designed to provide continuous suction while moving large amounts of air. We use a turbine type blower that is very quiet. The energy efficient motors are maintenance free. The centrifugal vacuum is a skid mounted design that is pre-plumbed and pre-wired and is completely self contained and ready for installation. These high performance units range in size from 2hp to 30hp with air flows ranging from 20 scfm to 1200 scfm while holding 8 inches of mercury. Models VPD20S5 40g 20 SINGLE MOTOR 10 HP 3 PHASE. VPD20D5 80g 20 DUAL MOTOR 2 X 5 HP 3 PHASE VPD30D5 80g 30 DUAL MOTOR 2 X 7.5 HP 3 PHASE VPD40D5 120g 40 DUAL MOTOR 2 X 10 HP 3 PHASE VPD60D5 120g 60 DUAL MOTOR 2 X 15 HP 3 PHASE VPD80D5 120g 80 DUAL MOTOR 2 X 20 HP 3 PHASE VPD120D5 2-120g 120 DUAL MOTOR 2 X 30 HP 3 PHASE

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