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TPC Advance Power Light 100 Halogen Curing Light PL-100

TPC Advance Power Light 100 Halogen Curing Light PL-100 PACKAGE INCLUDES: Power Light 100 Curing Light 8mm x 60 Degree Curing Tip Protective Eye-Shield 1 Year Warranty (bulb excluded) SPECIFICATIONS Output light intensity: 500-600 m W/cm² Output wavelength range: 400-500 nm Preset curing times from 10 to 60 seconds or continuous cure LCD digital display Maintains constant light output and curing strength 8 mm light guide, protective eye shield and instruction manual included Powerful 75 Watt bulb Ultra quiet fan Shipping weight: 7 lbs. Shipping Dimensions: 12”L x 9”W x 6”H / 7 lbs. Options P101 - 13mm straight curing tip for large facial surface P102 - 13mm x 80 degree curing tip for posterior occlusal curing P103 - 8mm x 60 degree curing tip for general curing P106 - 3mm x 90 degree curing tip for layer curing of posterior restoration P201 – Replacement bulb, 12V, 75W P203 – Protective eye shield for Power Light 100 L0005 – Blue light filter + heat absorber (set)

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