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TPC Mirage Dental Operatory Package MP2015

TPC Mirage Dental Operatory Package MP2015 Product Information: Model: MP2015 Manufactured by: TPC OEM Number: MP2015 Warranty: 5 Year Condition: New Features: Asepsis automatic control for three handpieces with syringe Individual handpiece pressure adjustments Non-retracting water coolant with on/off Individual water coolant flow controls Air coolant flow control Handpiece tubing flush system Ultra soft handpiece tubing 4 hole straight gray asepsis tubing with Midwest connector Stainless steel tray with non-skid pad Disc foot control wet/dry toggle with 7' of smooth tubing Equipment utility center with asepsis housing Vacuum canister with solids collector screen Straight light post for unit mount dental light Pre-wiring for fiber optic light source Air-actuated couterbalanced arm lock Mirage hydraulic patient chair 3 hpc. automatic delivery system Telescoping assistant's delivery system Lucent operatory light Optional: LCD monitor, X-ray viewer.

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